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Fynd Health : An Ecosystem : Holistic Healthcare Provider

Bridging the gap between ‘’YOU’’ and ‘’HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS’’ (Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists)

Connecting seamlessly through our integrated hybrid platform for '' Healthcare, Therapy & Peer Support ''

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Fynd Health offers a close knit community of peers to express, share, discuss and provide mentorship for

Special Needs Children, Mental Wellness and Old Age Care 

Driven by Empathy & Compassion

We are a team of compassionate professionals

Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists working together for

''Nurturing, Well-being and Holistic Development'' for

Special Needs Children, Mental Wellness and Old Age Care

Fynd Health Specialities

My Angel

Catering to children with special needs and developmental delays.

Fynd Health is a fostering platform to nurture holistic development in children with special needs and developmental delays like Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD etc. to empower them to attain to their full potential.

Mental Wellness

People seeking psychological and mental wellness across age groups for Battling Depression, Overcoming Anxiety, Stress Management, Emotional Resilience etc

Old Age Care

People struggling through age triggered health issues like requirement for Physiotherapy, Post Stroke Care, Dealing with Dementia, Swallowing Care, Speech Therapy, Doctor Consultations etc.

How Does FyndHealth Work ?

Pre-Consultation Advice
Our trained personnel would listen to the anxieties and observations of the parents/attenders, try to interpret them and plan the next best step.
Diagnostic Assessment
Our team of medical health specialists including physicians (pediatrics/adults), psychologists, speech therapists etc would objectively assess and diagnose the exact medical condition and the level of disability
Therapies and Treatment Plan
A customized treatment plan would be prepared for the short term and long term well being of our patients. This stage would be reviewed and revised at regular intervals based on our patient’s progress
Enrollment for the Treatment
Patients at this stage may chose to enrol themselves on our platform to undergo the recommended line of treatment
Therapies and Treatment Commencement
We would be able to start all forms of therapy and continued psychological and emotional support maintaining a connect with both patients and their parents / attenders
Progress Report
Progress monitoring would be an integral part of our both short term and long term treatment plans. Basis the patient's response and progress, the treatment would be reviewed and revised/enhanced at regular intervals.

Our Process Flow

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What is Mental Health ?

Mental Health implies cognitive, behavioural & emotional well-being. It is all about how we feel, think and behave !!


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